The First and Only Real-time Transcription Service

Watch Your Spoken Words Come to Life

Instantly Before Your Eyes

And Never Wait for Transcripts Again

Time is money.

So why wait days to get audio or video transcribed? Now, for approximately the same price as traditional transcription services, you can have your entire rough-draft transcript the instant the last word is spoken.

Perfect for transcribing: Market Research, Focus Groups, Interviews, Business Meetings and more.

How It Works

·         CALL: Connect with STEHNographers via Realtime Now (RTN) our proprietary streaming software, skype, online conference, or landline so we can clearly hear the people who will be speaking.

·         TRANSCRIBE LIVE: When speaking begins, you can see the words come to life in your transcript being produced in realtime by our trained and certified stenographers. You watch your transcript through our private online system. You can even allow your associates to view the live transcript (as it's being created) from any internet connection.

·         SAVE INSTANTLY: You can instantly save a copy of the transcript in rough-draft form immediately following the interview or event.

·         FINAL DRAFT: We edit your transcript and provide you with the final draft within 1 business day.

Key Features and Benefits

Instant Turnaround
It doesn’t get any faster than realtime. Now you can get to work immediately on the data and content you collect from your meetings and interviews. With our instantaneous transcription service, you can:

·         Profit from Accelerated Speed-to-Market

·         Impress Your Clients with Faster Service

·         Sell Products More Rapidly

·         Out-perform Your Competition

·         And much more

Audio and Video Captioning
We can optionally embed your transcript within your video or have the transcript run alongside your audio and/or video, so you can read while watching/listening.

Competitive Pricing

With STEHNographers, you get quality, accuracy and unbeatable speed for approximately the same price as traditional, slower transcription services.

Our rates start at a low per-minute rate and are determined by factors such as:

·         Number of people speaking

·         Quality of Audio (Background noise, ESL speakers)

·         Difficulty of Subject (Technical/Medical)

·         Optional services such as Time Coding, Word Indexing or Captioning

Also available: Edited, strict verbatim transcript of your provided audio, which reflects spoken English (including ums, uhs, repetition, etc.) for an additional fee.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on the speed and quality of our work. If you are not completely thrilled with our service, we’ll take every measure necessary to make it right.

For Questions or to Get Started

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