STEHNographers Remote CART Services

For Schools, Colleges and Universities

• Provides Equal Access to Students with Disabilities

• Protects the Privacy of CART Recipients

• Keeps Your School Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Not all CART and transcription services are equal. STEHNographers Remote CART services benefit your school and students in ways other services do not.

How Our Remote CART Service Works

One of our trained CART providers can caption any of your live lectures remotely via Realtime Now (RTN) our proprietary streaming software. In realtime, any number of students receive a verbatim transcript directly on their laptop or tablet (other services may only provide non-compliant abbreviated transcripts).

Now, students with disabilities--such as deaf or hard of hearing, ADHD, brain injuries, visual impairment, etcetera--can enjoy the benefits of having access to CART services privately on their personal computing device without enduring the stigma of having a CART provider sitting next to him/her.

Thanks to remote transmission, no one will know they are receiving the lecture transcript on their laptop or tablet.

Other Available Services

·         Onsite CART (select locations), which can also provide the privacy of Remote CART by having the CART provider sit anywhere in the room. Student(s) can follow the lecture live via their own personal computing device. Students have the option of saving the entire transcript or select notes from the transcript.

·         Captioning Overlay Provide captions next to PowerPoint slides, videos, pictures, etc. that the professor wishes to share via projector or website.

·         Captioning for video or audio libraries (embedded or streaming), which provides equal access education to all students.

·         Emergency Remote CART when your onsite provider is unavailable.

·         CART for entire classes/lectures provides all students the ability to view the lecture live with the option of saving the entire transcript or select notes from the transcript, while providing the necessary service to students with disabilities.

Fully Compliant Solutions

Qualifying students who request CART are entitled to receive them. That's why all of STEHNographers' CART services are compliant with:

  • Rehabilitation Act
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

It is worth noting that services such as C-Print and Typewell provide only abbreviated/paraphrased versions of live lectures. Unfortunately, those formats are not compliant as they do not provide EQUAL access to students with disabilities.

STEHNographers provides verbatim transcripts of live lectures and recorded audio and video libraries, so your students get equal access to the education they deserve, while keeping your school in compliance with all relevant legislation.

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